FAQ and help

Do you ship your wheelchair accessories overseas?

    Yes! We ship all over the world. 


    Oops! I’ve just placed an order and I made a mistake, HELP!

      Send us an email immediately at hello@iwheel.us. Make sure to include your order confirmation number and a phone number where you can be reached at. If it is in our business hours, you can also send us a chat message.
      We'll do our best to make things right!


      How do I clean my wheelchair pushrim covers?

        A wet cloth or sponge with some dish soap will do the trick. Easy peasy!


        How do I know the size of my rear wheels?

          It should be mentioned on your tires. On the example below, the first number in the parenthesis is the size, which is 24 inches.



          How do I know the size of my front wheels?

            Use a ruler and make sure to position it just below the center of the wheel. If your measurement falls between 2 sizes, we recommend ordering the larger one.

            In the example on the picture below, the result is 5.5 inches. The size to order is 6 inches.

            Front wheel being measures with a ruler


            Do you sell your wheelchair accessories in bulks?

              Yes! If you are a school, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or any other organization looking to buy in bulks, please send us a message at hello@iwheel.us explaining your needs and we'll work on a solution with you!